PA Over 40 Miles

A move that is a distance of greater than 40 miles within Pennsylvania is classified as a long-distance, intrastate move. Rates for intrastate moving are regulated by the P.U.C. (Public Utilities Commission) and all licensed movers are bound by the same rates. Any variance from these rates should be questioned.

Like interstate moving, intrastate moving rates are based primarily on the actual weight transported and the distance between origin and destination. Of course, there is still a menu of additional services that can be included in your move based on your individual preferences and needs.

Some common additional moving services are:

  • Packing/Unpacking – Our crews can pack and unpack your cartons for you Appliance, Electronics, Grand Clock servicing, etc. – We can arrange these professional services for you.
  • Temporary or permanent storage

It is important (and a legal requirement) for your mover to visit with you in your origin residence to provide a written estimate prior to your move. At that time we can take a detailed inventory of the things you would like the moving crew to transport for you and any additional services you would like us to provide. This not only allows us to give you the most accurate estimate possible, but we can also use that opportunity to answer any questions you may have, and offer suggestions to alleviate some of the stress and apprehension you may be experiencing in relation to your move.

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