As business owners, we all face common issues. We work hard to maintain stability and produce financial growth. Every day we are servicing our customer relationships with buyers and sellers. We face human resource challenges that affect our every effort to be successful.

Don’t do it alone. One such challenge arises when you have decided to pay the moving expenses for either a new hire or an exiting employee that you are relocating. What do you authorize? How do you estimate the expense? What are normal moving costs? A Human Resource Executive who wants to coordinate their upcoming relocation alone must account for the research, time and effort that will be diverted from your daily company tasks to focus on the move.

Some companies shift the responsibility by offering a moving stipend, asking their employee to do all of the moving tasks on their own. 99% of the time, the relocating employee is not a professional moving expert. How do they know if a moving company is reputable? Insured? Accurately estimating all possible charges? Money and inexperience are not a good combination. These two choices can cost a company serious time, money and energy while running a risk of encountering a moving disaster.

Today’s relocating employee is going through an exciting, yet stressful time. They are facing the challenges of finding a new home, living in a new city and adjusting to new job expectations. Statistics have shown that moving is the 3rd most stressful experience a person can have, next to death and divorce.

J.H. Bennett Moving & Storage has been in a leader in the moving industry since 1914. A near century filled with over a million customers means J.H. Bennett knows about high quality customer service. When you are ready to “make a move”, a personal Move Coordinator is assigned to every relocating individual. They are committed to being the central point of contact to all parties, ensuring no detail goes unattended. Move Coordinators alleviate the stress of moving and are the driving force behind our exceptional customer relationships.

The laws of supply and demand drive the moving industry as they do the airline industry. Wouldn’t it be great if airplane tickets were the same price all year long? Fortunately, J.H. Bennett boasts its ability to “Price Lock” moving expenses for its business account clients. Now, whether you have a move in the dead of winter or during the bustling summer moving season, you will never be at the mercy of the changing economic climate.

Every move is not the same, and J.H. Bennett can customize its services in tandem with your budget like no other moving company will. Every Human Resource Director and Company Owner is approached with a unique plan. A team of National Account Development Specialists will prepare a comprehensive Tiered Package Option Plan, tailored to fit all relocation scenarios, all at no additional expense to your company. Our versatility ranges from household goods to office moves, shipping sensitive electronics and exhibits, plus various storage options.

Ninety-eight years of growing, learning, building trust and nurturing a “Customer For Life” philosophy puts J.H. Bennett Moving and Storage in the position to thrive for another one hundred years. Now is the time for you to look ahead and have a Transportation Plan in place before your company opens the door for its next employee relocation. Let the experts at J.H. Bennett Moving and Storage make your next move, your best move.

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