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Self Storage - Go Mini!

Pennsylvania region’s BEST solution for Do-It-Yourself Moving and Portable / Self-Storage projects!


  • Local moving or self-storage
  • Temporary on-site storage
  • Home renovation or restoration projects

Great for Students Between Semesters! Share Your Mini With Your Room-Mates!


  • Store excess inventory or “seasonal” items
  • Secure job-site storage for tools/materials
  • Temporary storage for festivals and other occasional events

Experience the dependability, flexibility, and affordability that only GO MINI’S can provide!

Choose the Mini that is just right for you!

Lengths:    12′, 16′, and 20′ Standard Lengths.
Height:    All containers are 8 Feet high
Near Ground Level:    A single easy step, yet with 8″ ground clearance to avoid water problems
Translucent Roof:    Lets in plenty of light
Vented:    Reduces moisture and humidity that contribute to mold and mildew
Locking Roll-Up Door:    Convenient and Secure
Sturdy Railings:    For hanging clothes and tie downs
Steel Construction:    Welded frame, strong & secure steel siding
No Sweating:    Galvanized steel exterior coated with factory baked paint
Moisture Resistant Floor:    Sealed Surface and PVC Undercoated

Self- Storage Frequently Asked Questions

What size of Mini do I need?

The size of Mini that you need depends on the volume of goods that you have to store or move.  We have Mini’s in lengths of 12′, 16′ and 20′ – and all are approximately 8′ high and 8′ wide.

A 12′ Mini will generally accommodate 1 to 2 rooms of furniture, but a 20′ Mini can fit 5 to 6 rooms of furniture.  IT IS IMPORTANT to remember that all situations are different.  If you have any doubt as to what size Mini (or Minis) you will need – please call us. 

Can I keep a Mini on my property?

You may keep your Go Mini on your own property provided that the Mini will not be on the roadway or in an unsafe location.   If you live in a development you must be sure that there are no rules or regulations prohibiting you from keeping a portable storage unit on your property.   It is important to choose a location free of debris or other obstacles, with a firm surface.  (If the Mini must be placed on a surface that is not solid such as gravel, grass or soil please contact us for specific information.)

Can I get off-site storage or indoor storage with a Go Mini?

If you cannot or do not wish to keep the property on your own site we can store it for you safely and securely on our property.  Our secure site offers both traditional outdoor storage and, if you prefer, climate-controlled indoor storage.

How do I keep my items safe during loading/unloading and transport?

There are rails at two levels across the walls and back of the Go Mini.  You can use these rails to secure your items at several points during loading depending on your particular situation.  We can even rent high-quality ratchet straps for you to use during your rental.  When done properly, there is minimal load shift during pick-up, transport and delivery.

Where can I buy supplies?

Call us for your supplies!  We can assist you with boxes, packing materials, locks, dollies, tie-downs/straps, and even professional quality quilted furniture pads!  Whatever you may need – call us first!

Request your Go Mini online!  Fill out the following form and our representative will contact you to answer any questions and finalize your rental needs.  If you have general questions or comments, please contact us today.