ERIE, Pa. — Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience, but it helps when you have an award-winning mover.

Joe Nason, of J.H. Bennett Moving and Storage in Erie, was given the Pennsylvania Moving & Storage Associates award for 2016 Driver of the Year at the annual conference dinner held in Grantville in early October.

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Nason, who has been with the moving company since 1986, is known for his customer service.

“You meet these people in the morning. You’re going to take everything they own and put it on a truck,” Nason said. “They’re not going to have a home anymore and we’re going to meet them on the other end. And you have to make sure that they understand that everything’s going to be all right.”

The award is based on the driver’s years of safe driving, attention to detail, heroism and acts of courtesy.

“He is incredible,” general manager Vicki Amendola said. “He is the guy that you … you just can’t tell him no. He does whatever it takes to get the job done.”

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