United Van Lines® has always maintained consistent driver communications to keep our customers informed of exactly where their belongings are during transport. For many years a satellite tracking system has been utilized to enable dispatch managers and, in some cases, our customers to view the general location of a truck/trailer and also to facilitate in-cab messaging capabilities. Recently, however, United Van Lines® has taken a giant leap forward in tracking and communications capabilities through a partnership with SkyBitz®.

United Van Lines utilizes skyBitz® satellite and mobile technology to track each trailer in its fleet on a 24/7/365 basis. Unlike previous satellite tracking solutions that would only monitor the tractor to which a trailer was attached, SkyBitz® technology tracks the actual trailer, putting the focus directly on the freight that is being transported. In addition, rather than just giving the general area of trailer location, the SkyBitz® system can identify trailers right down to street-level detail using acurate aerial satellite maps. Location of trailers is reported in “real-time”, providing an extra layer of security when a family’s treasured belongings or a company’s high value/sensitive shipment is in transit.