Employee Relocation

Moving a valued associate or new hire can be risky business when not handled properly. Be sure that you are offering the most competitive relocation with respect to the position in question. A poor relocation experience can cost your company large amounts of money and production in the “invisible” or “soft costs” of employee time alone! Find out how to eliminate the stress for your new team-player and your staff by being sure the right program is in place.

Relocating current employees or new hires can be a challenge in any situation. Once you have finally found the perfect candidate for your position you must be prepared with a competitive relocation offering. To ensure the greatest chance of retaining your new team player, you must consider going beyond “just paying for the moving expenses”. Having a solid plan, and a first-rate moving company, can put your company a cut above the rest with job-seekers or upwardly mobile professionals.

Key Considerations

  • Are you relocating a new hire, a top level executive, or someone “in between”?
  • How many relocations does your company face annually?
  • Are you actually losing money by handling your relocations “in-house”?
  • Have you investigated the invisible, soft-costs impact on your company?
  • Have you lost transferees within a year or two of the move?


Whether you’re welcoming a new recruit or a long-time employee, a corporate relocation reflects on your company’s operations. J.H. Bennett’s corporate sales services are diverse enough to meet the wide range of needs of corporate America as well as government employees and the military. Let us help your company discover your true needs and assist with developing effective solutions.

Relocation Policy Development and Management

  • Complete Relocation Management Available – including expense tracking and reporting
    • Custom Website built specifically for YOUR transferees and new hires based on your relocation policies and procedures.
    • Online, Secure and Customized Account Monitoring & Reporting for up to the minute information.
    • CityPointe™ Program offering CASH BACK, realtor referral, mortgage assistance and more…

NON-Binding Transportation Agreement

  • Guarantees price level, regardless of seasonal increases or other events
  • Non-Binding means you may use other van lines without penalty if you so choose
  • Free or greatly reduced Valuation (liability) Protection on shipped goods
  • Can be “performance driven” – discount level based on transferee’s evaluation of the move
  • Can include specific delivery spread and claims settlement guidelines
  • Can be extended to retirees or designated employees on a C.O.D. basis with your approval
  • No need for the stress of multiple estimates – the price and service guidelines are pre-set!

Professional Move Management

  • Your company will have a designated “Move Manager”
    • Handles all communication with transferee from inception to conclusion of the relocation
    • Eliminates the transferees stress by handling all of the details for them
    • Control and Consistency offered by only needing ONE point of contact throughout the process